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The new digital gap is not the one between parents and children

19 marzo, 2014

Up to now the digital gap existed mainly between parents and children, between teenagers and adults, between those called the “digital natives” and the “digital immigrants”. Nevertheless, this is quickly changing. Nowadays there are many adults and parents who use ICTs. Most of them use e-mails everyday, participate in WhatsApp groups with their friends, download… Leer más ›

Have you tried burning yourself with a cigarette? or cutting yourself with a cutter?

These questions are openly asked in one of the many pro-SI (self-injury) websites anyone may easily find in the Internet. The self-named pro-SI movement proposes – and promotes – the use of self-inflicted pain as a form of facing episodes of personal distress, which are very frequent during the teenage years. In fact, the usual… Leer más ›

How do you prefer being insulted?

HOW DO YOU PREFER BEING INSULTED, ON THE INTERNET OR FACE TO FACE…? This question sounds like a provocation, and that is precisely what it is. Nobody wants to be insulted in any manner –or hardly anyone. But when we ask teenagers in which environment insults are more harmful to them, or in which environment… Leer más ›