Niños y adolescentes en Internet

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How do you prefer being insulted?

HOW DO YOU PREFER BEING INSULTED, ON THE INTERNET OR FACE TO FACE…? This question sounds like a provocation, and that is precisely what it is. Nobody wants to be insulted in any manner –or hardly anyone. But when we ask teenagers in which environment insults are more harmful to them, or in which environment… Leer más ›

Do children and teenagers multitask on the Internet?

Nearly 1,000 children and teenagers participated in the 1st National Congress “Joven y en Red” (“Young and Networked”), which was held in Madrid in 2012 and where they presented their opinions about the relationship they establish with the Internet and ICTs. Most of the participants were teenagers between 11 and 16 years old and members of the… Leer más ›

Warning: Smartphones, tablets and back injuries

Recent medical studies have pointed out that a regular use of smartphones and tablets by children and teenagers may have physical consequences for them. Warnings about the physical injuries that may arise from poor posture while using computers have been about for years now. Long hours using a computer have serious and varied consequences on… Leer más ›

Millions of children play “Clash of Clans”

Millions of children throughout the world are at this very moment playing the online multiplayer game of greatest success among children: CLASH OF CLANS. Many parents have downloaded it in their smartphones or tablets, at their children’s request. Most of these parents who carry it around in their pocket know nothing about its features, its… Leer más ›

Do teenagers care about their online reputation?

During these last ten years as the head of the Safer Internet Centre in Spain, within the framework of the European Commission’s SIP (Safer Internet Programme), I have heard all sorts of opinions and statements in a great number of forums, meetings, conferences and the like. Some of them have certainly been very enriching, but… Leer más ›