Niños y adolescentes en Internet

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The new digital gap is not the one between parents and children

Up to now the digital gap existed mainly between parents and children, between teenagers and adults, between those called the “digital natives” and the “digital immigrants”. Nevertheless, this is quickly changing. Nowadays there are many adults and parents who use ICTs. Most of them use e-mails everyday, participate in WhatsApp groups with their friends, download… Leer más ›

Social Media’s role in the developments of teenagers’ identity (Part I)

Social media on the Internet are playing a much more important role in the development of teenagers’ identity than what we tend to think; and not only in the development of their group identity, but especially in the development of their individual identity, the one that differentiates them from others and that allows them to… Leer más ›

What do teenagers talk about in social media?

The conclusions of a wide research carried out by a team from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of H. Andrew Schwartz have recently been published. Under the title “Personality, Gender and Age in the Language of social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach”, the results of the work carried out with 75,000 volunteers have been… Leer más ›

May a teacher have access to the content of his students’ mobile phones?

The right to privacy and to the protection of personal data is a fundamental right. It is not clear that a teacher, inside a school, may have the right to take a student’s mobile telephone away and view its contents. It is a very delicate issue. If a teacher knows that the mobile device has… Leer más ›