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The new digital gap is not the one between parents and children

Up to now the digital gap existed mainly between parents and children, between teenagers and adults, between those called the “digital natives” and the “digital immigrants”. Nevertheless, this is quickly changing. Nowadays there are many adults and parents who use ICTs. Most of them use e-mails everyday, participate in WhatsApp groups with their friends, download… Leer más ›

Social Media’s role in the developments of teenagers’ identity (Part I)

Social media on the Internet are playing a much more important role in the development of teenagers’ identity than what we tend to think; and not only in the development of their group identity, but especially in the development of their individual identity, the one that differentiates them from others and that allows them to… Leer más ›

May teenagers develop feelings on the Internet?

Many adults wonder if the feelings their teenage children seem to experience in their online relationships are real. They wonder if the conflicts they suffer may be relevant, if the friendships they initiate are sincere or if their children may fall in love on the Internet ??? But this question – which comes up once… Leer más ›

Internet is shaping the way children and teenagers read and process information

For thousands of years, human beings have acquired the information needed to interact with the physical environment and other people by means of direct experience. Most of the information was reached our brain, slowly, as a consequence of the observation of phenomena and situations with our own eyes. The brain was also fed by stories… Leer más ›

What do teenagers talk about in social media?

The conclusions of a wide research carried out by a team from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of H. Andrew Schwartz have recently been published. Under the title “Personality, Gender and Age in the Language of social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach”, the results of the work carried out with 75,000 volunteers have been… Leer más ›

Have you tried burning yourself with a cigarette? or cutting yourself with a cutter?

These questions are openly asked in one of the many pro-SI (self-injury) websites anyone may easily find in the Internet. The self-named pro-SI movement proposes – and promotes – the use of self-inflicted pain as a form of facing episodes of personal distress, which are very frequent during the teenage years. In fact, the usual… Leer más ›

Changes in the brain (Part I)

As I mentioned in this blog’s presentation entry, the continuous use of the Internet via computers, tablets and smartphones modifies children’s brain structure. And it also has a similar impact in adults. One of the many characteristics of our brain is plasticity, and we are now just starting to understand what it is about. Plasticity… Leer más ›

Do children and teenagers multitask on the Internet?

Nearly 1,000 children and teenagers participated in the 1st National Congress “Joven y en Red” (“Young and Networked”), which was held in Madrid in 2012 and where they presented their opinions about the relationship they establish with the Internet and ICTs. Most of the participants were teenagers between 11 and 16 years old and members of the… Leer más ›

Do teenagers care about their online reputation?

During these last ten years as the head of the Safer Internet Centre in Spain, within the framework of the European Commission’s SIP (Safer Internet Programme), I have heard all sorts of opinions and statements in a great number of forums, meetings, conferences and the like. Some of them have certainly been very enriching, but… Leer más ›